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There's always room
for mentorship and guidance

C-Suite executives face multiple challenging situations in their career paths. They also need someone highly experienced and with different perspectives to help him lead his team or organization. 

That's why we designed a customized C-Suite Mentor program for you. This concierge-type of program, combines coaching, mentoring and advising to help you 
positively impact your organization while still achieve your personal goals.

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Main Audience

Program Summary

Program Focus

Presidents and CEOs
C-Suite executives
Business owners

6 to 12 months. Continuing programs available.

Frequency varies depending on each situation.

In-person mentoring.

Concierge style with access to the mentor to asses real time issues and opportunities.

Interviews with stakeholders for better perspective.

Self-leadership, Adaptability, Mindset, Performance, Communication, and Well-being
Customized approach based on client's objectives.


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