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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

By: Luis Pinate

We are born and immediately begin to learn about our role as providers, we are bound to succeed and vent our emotions is a symptom of weakness. We are expected to be strong, consistent, indomitable, sentimental but not weak, risky but not crazy, determined but not impulsive, intelligent to be successful, but without losing humility, real but not emotional.

The truth is that even unintentionally we are exposed to the pressure of a society where man is the one who fixes, solves, provides, indoctrinates, and who has to say that things do not matter to him when the truth is that he cares a lot. We have to lead the career of happiness, we feel responsible for the happiness of our people and we care more about disappointing their ideals than fighting for what we want.

It is hard for us to understand that the happiness of our loved ones does not depend on us, that everyone forges and is responsible for their own happiness. We make mistakes that allow us to be human beings but that take us away from the ideal they have created for us.


Like everyone, we have uncertainty about changes, fear of loneliness, rejection, and humiliation. Our mistakes are part of living without unconditional acceptance of who we are, seeking immediate gratification, mishandling stress and living in total and obscure complexity, knowing that our fear of failure will always be greater than our love for success.

Making mistakes does not take us away from the love we have given, from the time we have shared, and from the memories we have recorded forever in our minds.

Recognizing them makes us stronger, we know that there are wounds that only time heals, but time is the only thing we do not have and time does not forgive.

Recognize that we are human beings and that we make mistakes, is to accept that maybe we can’t do anything to change them and that they will probably always be there. To accept them and learn to live with them is to reconcile with who we really are.

Because at the end of the day, men make mistakes.

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